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Jewellery by M.A.W. is an Australian design team creating contemporary jewellery for the modern women.  Our unique pieces have been made to adorn and to treasure.

Working primarily with silver and gold our limited edition pieces are created so that they connect with the past and assimilate with the present. 

Jewellery by M.A.W. brings together the passion and skills of Maria and Denise.  Here is a little about us.


My maternal ancestors were goldsmiths on the Greek Island of Kastellorizo. I have never been able to speak with them, but their handmade pieces form the thread that connects me directly to them.  Traditionally jewellery was handcrafted exclusively for the women of the island as part of their dowry and passed on to subsequent generations. The stylistic designs of the jewellery used repetitive patterns that originated from Greece and the broader Asia Minor region.

Kazi Cuff Watermark.jpg

This cuff was passed down to me. I am its custodian, it is irreplaceable and precious to me, and connects me directly to my ancestors. Its design and method of fabrication has fascinated me since I was young and motivated me to develop the skills in making and designing jewellery.

My journey into making jewellery started during a break in in my professional worklife when I had the time to reflect. It evolved into a serious interest and I developed my skills through study in Australia and the USA.  

Jewellery by M.A.W. captures my interest in patterns through blending traditional jewellery making with the innovative design and printing methods available today.


It’s ok to be fussy; fussy leads to beautiful things.

I’ve always been fussy, it used to drive my mother mad. Fussy about what I ate, what I wore, who I would spend time with and I’m still like that today. Luckily for me it has brought me to this partnership with Maria. What started out as a friendship has led us to this amazing opportunity where we both get to work together following our passions in creativity, design and individuality.

What is my role in the company? To use my background in business to keep us on track, to ensure that we are following our goals (and dreams!) and to add a little bit of business nous.

There is no compromise for us. Our goal is to make beautiful heirlooms that are unique. To bring to you designs that are contemporary and timeless, made only from precious metals.

Each collection is designed by Maria. Each piece is designed to mix and match with others to create new looks, create memories and bring joy. To family, friends, health and good times!



The past meets the present.

The creation of jewellery has altered significantly in recent years, however the genesis of each piece still is firmly rooted in the imagination of its creator.  Technology has had a massive impact on the creation, production, promotion and even presentation of jewellery today. We utilize cutting edge innovative software programs that enable the definition of objects with incredible precision and technologies that allow the creation of items that cannot practically be made by hand alone. 

Each of our designs starts with a pattern which is striking and this is used as the theme for the collection. The complexity and intricacy of the pattern and how it changes with orientation influences the design of the final products.  The beauty and thrill of the design process is envisioning the final product and then finding ways to bring it into reality.

The various collections incorporate influences from the past as well as the capabilities of modern technology which allows for complex geometric designs to be created and assimilated into unique pieces.

We love creating jewellery and using technology. This brings both things together and we’re constantly amazed at the fabulous things we can create with the aid of technology. We get to play, design and create something that would not exist in any other time or place – it’s our happy place.